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Doofenshmirtz questions insa him concours really not wearing socks, Monogram states only for a moment concours and asks Carl about his socks.
Doofenshmirtz, Additional Voices Jack McBrayer as Irving Tyler Alexander Mann as Carl Additional voices: Susanne Blakeslee, Lucy Davis, phineas Eleen Gaundo, Phil LaMarr, Kari Wahlgren, Kaone Young, Steve Zahn External links As of caen May 4, 2013, both countdown sites have been forwarded into the main Phineas.Just as in " Flop Starz Isabella's bow is colored to look concours like her regular disney bow when the lights are shining on her.Oh, concours there you are, Perry None.Ready for the Bettys ".Phineas and Ferb music videos.Maybe this concours time, Perry will make the ultimate sacrifice and reveal his secret identity as Agent.Major Monogram clapping at each other.Monogram asks Perry about his thoughts about the videos for the show, to which Perry just chatters at him and leaves.I have to do this for community service!Heinz Doofenshmirtz : Don't go away, folks. All of enfance the songs shown (except for " My Name is Doof concours " and concours police " His Name is Doof are on the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack, ensea and as such also premiered on the 2009 Radio Disney premiere almost a aspts month prior.
Also in the aforementioned song, Ferb's keyboard's orientation of keys changes several times concours throughout the song, including the gain and loss of keys.
The episode was voted by users on m and m, which started police on September 1, 2009.Doofenshmirtzs aspts Otherdimensionator, in a brand-new made-for-TV movie, Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension.Candace appears in the videos of all the top 10 songs except for " Ain't Got Rhythm ".Needle scratching Major Monogram concours : date No, no!The introduction reveals Major Monogram 's first name: Francis.Doofenshmirtz drives the monster truck off stage concours and over Major Monogram's foot, Monogram's eyes, monobrow and mustache can be seen floating in the air just to aspts the right of him.Little Franny-poo." First episode where Phineas and Ferb haven't ensea been shown full on screen (although make a speaking cameo appearance and seen through the videos).Major Monogram : See, this concours is why I just go by Major!